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Here's our team!


Greg Vedders

Greg is the CEO of Vedcoogling Industries. He founded this compony on the concept of good times and good websites. His hard work-ethic has gotten him very far.


Nate is the son of greg. He has had fun in a HTML & CSS class that he has been taking and desided to join into the "family business". He is a plain cheeseburger connoisseur who is obsessed with tatertots.


Monica is the wife of Greg. She acts as the person in Vedcoogling that submits/sends the programs/websites off to our clients that ordered them. In addition to this, she also transfers ownership for any websites that get ordered.


Mackenzie Vedders

Mackenzie is the daughter of Greg. She works as the receptionist for Vedcoogling Industries. She takes all the phone calls and scedules appointments for us to meet with potential clients.